Black and silver agriculture mulch film

Black and silver agriculture mulch film


Black and silver agriculture mulch film-The existence of green land at home will certainly make the house cooler and you will feel more comfortable when you are at home. Besides making the house look more beautiful and green, gardening activities at this house can also keep you from stress. Having greeneries at home is always bringing a lot of benefits such as giving your more fresh air and will make your house looks nicer.

However, the limitations of space and land often become a barrier for people in urban areas like you to be able to do farming activities at home. There are several ways to grow hydroponic vegetables that you can practice around the house. Hydroponics is a farming technique that is now increasingly popular among modern people, especially in urban areas where agricultural land is very limited or even non-existent.

Knowing more about agriculture mulch film

Farming vegetables using hydroponic techniques can improve the nutritional level of the community because vegetables are one of the important food ingredients that contain fiber, minerals and vitamins needed by the body. In addition, hydroponics can also save land use because hydroponic installations can be made vertically or verticulture. That is why hydroponics can be developed in urban areas, which are densely populated, with no yards and no agricultural land left for growing vegetables. One of it use Black and silver agriculture mulch filmThere are a few different types of hydroponic farming systems, namely the wick system, irrigation or drip system, ebb and flow, NFT or nutrient film technique, floating raft or water culture, and aeroponics.

Black and silver agriculture mulch film is a thing extensively used in agriculture field as a protection cover over the soil. Its foremost reason is to modify the effect of the local climate. The use of  this plastic will affects the light and will impact on the crop development as it is responsible for creating both, heat and color. When using this plastic, the soil under remains loose and well aerated, thus reducing the need of compaction.

Black and silver agriculture mulch film

Advantages of the agriculture mulch film

These three-tier films are silver on the side facing up and black on the side facing down, that is why named black and silver. The silver color in the film plastic reflects radiation which have purpose to forbid the excess heating of seedlings, plants and fruit, increases photosynthesis and repels pests; and the black color prevents; the penetration of sunlight and will lower the development of weeds. Here are the advantages :

  • Iris mulching saves time, money,water,
  • Freedom from weeds and pesticides.
  • Easily removable from the field, the farm avoids soil loss, the soil will fertile.
  • They are more durable and more
  • Production increases and inter- agricultural labor is reduced better.


It may not be easy to do green landing at home especially using the hydroponic technique when you live in a city with little space of land. Most of the time the type of soil does not really support the growth of the vegetables of the farming system, and also the weather does not really support sometimes. But when you have the will and when you stay constant in taking care of the agriculture, you will be able to succeed in growing the vegetables. It is a fact that plans are able to sense the mood of the environment, so if you are excited in growing the agriculture system, you will have a high chance of succeeding. All you need is to give your plants love and care so they can feel it. There are information about Black & silver agriculture mulch film. Hope this article is useful.

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