Fruit Mesh Bags

The Benefits Of a Fruit Mesh Bags


For those of you who buys fruit on a daily basis, it is a good idea to not throw the net away. This is because fruit nets is actually beneficial for household purposes. Fruit nets are a type of plastic waste that can damage the environment if disposed of carelessly, which is why it is better to just re-use it instead. Here are some uses for fruit nets as kitchen cleaners to preserve a soap bar:

Wash the dishes

Apart from being a fruit wrapper, we can use fruit nets to wash dishes and kitchen utensils. Instead of buying a new sponge, we can take advantage of this fruit net instead of throwing it away and making trash pile up. The way to use it is to just use it like a regular washing sponge. It will also absorb the soap and water just like a sponge does.

Clean the kitchen

Fruit Mesh Bags can also be used to clean the sink or kitchen with maximum results. We can use them at time when we do not have a washcloth and kitchen utensils instead of using a dishwashing sponge. Because this step will only spread bacteria and germs to kitchen utensils and its surroundings. We can use it just as easy as using a washcloth.

Preserve soap

A soap bar usually runs out quickly and becomes mushy when it stays in the water for too long. In order not to run out quickly and wasteful, we can put this fruit net in the soap bowl to separate it from water. This method is effective for making soap bars more durable and not soggy due to continuous waterlogging. This way can also make the soap bar to not easily run out and we can use it for a longer time.

Heat absorber

This Fruit Mesh Bags is also useful for absorbing heat. We can use it to hold a glass or plate filled with hot water by wrapping it in this fruit net, so that the heat does not burn our hand. In addition, we can also use it as a base for cooking utensils that are still hot, such as pans, saucepans and other types of pans so as not to damage the table or the cloth on the table.


We can also use this fruit net as an anti-slip, for example placing this fruit net under a chair cushion which is slippery and likes to slide by itself. In addition, we can also use it as the foot of a chair, table or cupboard so that it is easy to move and does not damage the floor. We would preserve our furniture when we start doing this. Also using this net as an anti-slip is as easy as just putting it there below the furniture.

Egg wrap

After not being used to wrap fruit, Fruit Mesh Bags can also be used to wrap and store eggs so they do not break easily when hit. It is always tricky when we buy eggs during grocery shopping because carrying them in a non-careful way will cause the eggs to break. And by using the fruit net as a cover for the eggs, will keep the eggs safe from breaking.

There are a lot of benefits of this fruit mesh bag. So, it is always a good idea to not throw away the fruit net as you can use it for a lot of purposes around your household. Not only that it is beneficial, but not throwing away the fruit net instead and re-using them will reduce waste and be more environmentally friendly.

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Fruit Mesh Bags

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