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Good Quality Fruit Packaging Bags


Good Quality Fruit Packaging Bags — Fresh fruits packaging has been done for a long time since people started to do trading. Its main function is to organize fruit in units so that it is easy to transport, and to protect the fruits during marketing and storage. A simple basket-shaped packaging made from leaves, bamboo and pandanus. This packaging is made and designed to be easily carried by people. Then the packaging so that it can be carried as commonly called baskets.

At this time in developed countries, fresh fruits are expected to meet the following needs which are strong against collisions so as to protect the fruit inside during transportation and stacking, packaging materials do not contain chemicals that can be absorbed by the fruit, causing poisoning for consumers, and it must be easy to handle and meet marketing requirements, especially weight, size and shape.

In this case, it is necessary to pay attention to the standardization of the size and shape of the Fruit Packaging Bags. It must quickly absorb the cold and pass the cold to the fruit. The mechanical strength of the packaging is not affected by moisture content when wet or high humidity. And it has to be secure, do not be too open or be too closed.

Some Facts About a Good Fruit Packaging Bags

Selection of Packaging Materials

To protect the fruit from mechanical damage, packaging must remain strong throughout the marketing chain, so the choice of the Fruit Packaging Bags material is important. At present, many cardboard packaging materials are used and the form of trays is easily damaged, because it absorbs moisture and is not good in tropical climates and in storage rooms with high relative humidity.

This kind of situation can be protected by coating a wax or material that prevents the entry of water. However, wax is quite expensive, the use of Fruit Packaging Bags material from corrugated cardboard with a waterproof coating on its surface is an effort to protect the entry of water or high relative humidity.

Prevention Against Mechanical Damage

Fresh fruit is sensitive to mechanical damage which will result in mechanical injury. Selection of packaging and packaging methods must be considered. There are four types of wounds due to mechanical damage to the packed fruit, namely goresim, overlapping. friction and impact. Ripe bananas, apples and tomatoes are very sensitive to friction and impact.

A slightly hard fruit such as watermelon, the packaging must be strong enough to be transported so that it does not move easily from its original place.

Damage due to collisions between fruits is caused by falling packages and shaking during transportation. Friction damage is common during transportation, and will cause minor scratches until the skin of the fruit or pulp is peeled off. The wound that occurs on the fruit causes the fruit to turn brown, this kind of fruit will decrease its market price. As a result of the wound an infection occurs, which causes breathing to increase and accelerates putrefaction. Which is why the Fruit Packaging Bags must have a good quality as to protect the fruit.

In this situation the fruit cannot be eaten, so the fruit that can be used is reduced in number. When packing fruit, the things that must be considered are: keep each fruit still, and the packaging is filled with fruit but not too much. Thus the fruit is protected from injury due to friction with one another. Packaging that is too tight will cause stress damage. To protect the fruit from mechanical damage, by wrapping each fruit and then putting it in the package. The wrapping material is made of a material that is quite soft and absorbs water quickly.


The proper packaging for most fruits and vegetables is fully loaded without overloading. For example, citrus fruits can be put in a cheap Fruit Packaging Bags, provided they are handled carefully. In developed countries, fruit has been included in good packaging or packaging that has been designed for a particular fruit. Each fruit is arranged according to position, and the pattern is developed so that it is as light as possible, the packaging is good and the fruit remains attractive when unpacked.

Before the fruit is packaged, grading is held with the same size. After the packaging is filled with fruit, quickly close it tightly. In this way the standardization of packages focuses more on weight, not on quantity. The package is full and must be tight and neat. The use of easy-to-fold paper packaging or plastic trays is only used for expensive fruit that is easily damaged, because it is expensive. Wrapping each fruit with soft ingredients in the package will reduce damage and prevent the evaporation of juices from the fruit.

Good packaging or any good Fruit Packaging Bags depends on several factors, such as curing time, handling methods, transportation, environmental conditions, availability of packaging materials and price. In countries with tropical climates the cheapest packaging is to use traditional baskets made of bamboo materials or other materials that are easily available, durable and inexpensive.

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bamboothe hard woody stems of bamboo plants; used in construction and crafts and fishing polesMore (Definitions, Synonyms, Translation)

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