Pp Polypropylene Mesh Bags

Type Of Bags And The Fuction of Pp Polypropylene Mesh Bags


Type Of Bags And The Fuction of Pp Polypropylene Mesh Bags- Have you ever heard about a PP Polypropylene Mesh Bags? If you have not, it is a type of bag that usually used for packaging that are made out of recycled plastics that are woven together. They are so much more useful because they are more affordable in price, and also have a light weight feature but very strong and durable.

PP Polypropylene bags are available in the following raw material compositions, which are PP or polypropylene, LLDPE or low linear density polyethylene, HDPE or high density polyethylene, and OPP or over heated polypropylene.

The types of plastics are as follows

PP (PolyPropylene)

PP (Polypropylene) plastic bags are the most commonly used plastic in the community.

Because of its clarity being clear and or transparent, PP plastic bags are widely used to package consumer goods whose color and shape is to be displayed such as snacks, clothes, footwear, and many more. Pp Polypropylene Mesh Bags used for fruit and vegetables.

LLDPE (Low Linear Density PolyEthylene)

PE plastic bags with a chemical structure of LDPE (Low Density PolyEthylene) are the main choice for industry players who need packaging that has high durability and strong elasticity.

The low density structure (Low Density) of this PE material causes the plastic to have a strong flexural strength so that it can receive a large tensile or stretch when used, making it suitable for industrial packaging for heavy equipment (such as spare parts, automotive, electronics, furniture components. ) and industries that use liquids (for example chemicals, fisheries and others).

This type of plastic is generally available in the market in various sizes using Low-Linear Density PolyEthylene (LLDPE), where the physical appearance is a little less clear / shiny than the real LDPE quality. This LLDPE material is generally chosen by plastic bag manufacturers on the basis of considerations of prices that are more affordable by the community but with maintained quality durability. It is different with Pp Polypropylene Mesh Bags.

HDPE (High Density PolyEthylene)

HD Plastic Bag which has a chemical structure HDPE (High Density PolyEthylene) is a type of plastic bag that has high heat resistance. This ability is due to the high density structure of the plastic polymer molecules.

HD Plastic Bags are generally divided into three categories, namely

Plain HD bag (polybag)

HD plastic bags (shopping bags).

HD disposal bags

HD POLOS BAG (HD polybag)

Plain HD plastic bags (polybags) are generally safe to use as packaging for food (food grade). Because this package can also be used as a container for hot soup, this bag is known as HD Anti-Heat Plastic. (HD ATP).

OPP (OverHeated PolyPropylene)

OPP plastic bags are known for their glass-like clarity – so they are often called glass plastic – useful for packaging products that want to display their shape & color so that they are attractive. It is not the same with Pp Polypropylene Mesh Bags.

This packaging is often found in bread wrappers, shirt clothes, invitation cards, dolls, discs (CDs), stationery, and finished products that want to be more attractive.

Here are information about Plastic bag and  Pp Polypropylene Mesh Bags. People should start considering to use more of these mesh bags because they are environmentally friendly, and also because of their variety of uses. We live in a time where people are starting to be aware of saving the Earth, hence we can start from changing the way we do our grocery shopping. Hope that this information will give you new knowledge to learn from.

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