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Tubular mesh bags Better than Plastic Bag



Tubular mesh bags Better than Plastic Bag — Tubular mesh bags is a net bag in the shape of a tube that has a lot of usage. It is usually used for packaging such as onions, potatoes, garlic, firewood, and any use of fruits or vegetables packaging. The length is usually 10 to 400 centimeters, and the width depends on the customer’s requirements. It can be any type of color, based on the customer’s requirements, but usually it comes in red, white, or yellow color.

The top usually has a drawstring, but it can also come without a drawstring. The bottom is single fold, and it can have a single stitch or double stitch. It usually has high tensile strength, falls and friction. It has dimensional stability, UV protection treatment, and most importantly, food contact compliance. It can be used for packing 2000 pieces per bundle or 6000 pieces per bundle. They are usually made out of environmentally friendly materials, because they are used to replace plastics.

Tubular mesh bags is made out of polyethylene. It comes in a variety of colors, styles, but the netting structure would best fit the different ranges of fresh products. They are available on rolls for automatic packing and for covering trays. The singe net tubular mesh bags is heat sealed for hand packing. It also has a knitted type that is available in sleeves, in bales or roles.

A tubular mesh bags can also be used to replace shopping bags, as it can carry a lot of fruit and vegetables at once without breaking. Tubular mesh bags are also much more recommended to use, rather than using a plastic bag, as they are environmentally friendly. Here are some reasons why a tubular mesh bags that is made of polyethylene is better to use than a plastic bag.

Why is a Tubular mesh bags that is Made of Polyethylene Better than Plastic Bag

It is a Relatively Safe Plastic

PE plastic can be said to be relatively safe because its molecular structure is resistant to chemicals. This is why PE is often used as a food and beverage container, also as mesh bags, in this case a tubular mesh bag. Its chemical structure is harmless, and its production consumes only about 1% of total worldwide production of natural gas and crude oil. In addition, PE plastic production does not leave waste because the process is quite clean.

Possessing Various Strengths

PE plastic has several types of densities that determine its strength. One of the strongest types is HDPE or High Density Polyethylene. Meanwhile, for high flexibility, you can choose LLDPE or Linear Low Density Polyethylene. PE with the lowest strength is LDPE or Low Density Polyethylene.

Lightweight and Easy to Apply to Various Areas

Through different manufacturing processes, polyethylene is formed from atoms of various densities. Apart from the structural density, it also makes PE a lightweight plastic, which is why it is used as a tubular mesh bag, so that it can easily carry stuff without adding weight. The denser the branches of the PE plastic atomic structure, the harder the physical character. But in general, PE is light enough to be used in a variety of areas.

High Flexibility = High Tension Plastic

Because it is light and has linear structural elements, PE plastic has high flexibility. This is because there is space for movement between molecules. This high flexibility is what makes PE a strong and durable plastic. It also has anti-corrosion features due to its nonpolar structure. PE plastic has the ability to withstand chemicals. When used in construction, its nonpolar molecular structure makes PE not easy to react with chemicals or organic with low pH.

Affordable Prices

Because it does not require high maintenance costs, the use of PE plastic in construction costs less. One time installed and plastics can last for a longer period of time compared to other materials. This is also why a tubular mesh bags also has a very affordable price.

No Need to Worry about Pollution, PE Plastic is Easily Recycled

Polyethylene is thermoplastic or can melt when heated, and returns to hard when the temperature returns to normal. These characteristics make PE plastics easy to recycle. For nature lovers, the possibility of recycling is still the reason why they use polyethylene in their daily activities. Even then, it has a long life because PE with various types of applications are designed to withstand even the harsh weather. With proper use, PE plastic can last for at least 50 to 100 years.

Polyethylene can replace metal pipes which can rust and experience corrosion due to contact with chemicals and organic matter. Its shape cannot change even if it is in contact with a corrosive material for a long period of time. So now we know why a tubular mesh bags is made of polyethylene, because PE plastic is one of the best choices for use in various areas, with a variety of flexibility and strength.

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